Ball Grading


Our MINT quality used golf balls are the best available and enable you to afford great balls to optimize your performance. They are the choice for many golfers regardless of skill level. The MINT balls look and feel like brand new balls - you’ll probably think they’ve only been used on one hole! There are no X-Outs but you may get some balls with very slight discolouration, corporate or other logos and minor player markings. Mix of year models. No refurbished or refinished balls.


NEAR MINT used golf balls are clean, playable and may have moderate surface blemishes and player ink marks, corporate or other logos or some discolouration. The blemishes will not affect the ball’s design and playability. Although these balls are slightly cosmetically challenged, they have no significant cuts or creases. They are similar to a ball you’ve played a few holes with, so you’ll still be able to shoot your best score with these! Mix of year models. No X-Outs are included in this mix. No refurbished or refinished balls.


Our STANDARD grade used golf balls are the best value buy. While they may have some surface blemishes and discolouration and corporate or other logos, they have no serious cuts or damage and are totally playable. Golf Ball Busters strict quality control ensures no badly damaged balls make it through our grading process. Mix of year models. These are great knock-about balls for casual golfers or on golf holes with water!