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50 Taylormade Tour Response

The second-generation Tour Response features a 70 compression, among the softest of balls with a multilayer urethane construction. That normally makes it harder for the ball to maximize speed because it lacks the resiliency at impact of a firmer compression ball like those seen in the company’s TP5 and TP5x balls. But the Tour Response borrows the speed-enhancing effects of those ball’s mantle layer to inject more energy into its softer compression.

Called “SpeedMantle,” this element works with the core more efficiently due to a higher flex modulus than previous mantle layers designed for both its predecessor and similar average player “tour” balls like the company’s Project (a), said Ben Raymond, senior golf ball engineer at TaylorMade. “Aside from being a higher flex modulus, this is also a more resilient material so it retains energy better after impact for higher ball speeds,” he said.

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